Saturday, March 15, 2008

Buku "Guerilla Marketing Research"

Guerrilla Marketing Research
Marketing Research Techniques That Can Help Any Business Make More Money

Author: Robert J. KADEN
ISBN: 9780749450892
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 234x153mm
Pages: 256
Publication Date: 2008


Not only is marketing research well within the budget of any company, it’s also a resource you can ill afford to ignore. Guerrilla Marketing Research shows how your business, whatever it’s size, can benefit from conducting focus groups and surveys - and reveals how to do it for far less money than you think.

Illustrated with examples taken from companies of all shapes and sizes, this practical and compelling book takes you on a fascinating journey through one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized marketing techniques. Going through all the various methods of research available, Guerrilla Marketing Research also puts you on the right track to analysing and acting on the results. Indeed, the author’s tried and tested techniques will benefit the most sceptical business owner, manager or entrepreneur.

About the Author

Robert J Kaden has been in marketing research his entire career. He worked in the research departments of various advertising agencies before founding and growing one of Chicago’s premier marketing research companies, Goldring and Company. In 1989, after 17 years, he sold the company to a UK research conglomerate. In 1992, he started The Kaden Company and continues today to serve his marketing research clients.

He has worked extensively in the retail, banking and credit card, food, consumer package goods, health care, educational, toy, technology and direct marketing industries, and has pioneered many unique quantitative and qualitative marketing research approaches.

He is very active on the international speaking circuit, lectures widely and writes regularly for the business press on the use of creative problem-solving techniques as they apply to research, strategic planning and new product development processes.

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