Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be Specific About Your Future

Kejadian 24:3-4
3 supaya aku mengambil sumpahmu demi TUHAN, Allah yang empunya langit dan yang empunya bumi, bahwa engkau tidak akan mengambil untuk anakku seorang isteri dari antara perempuan Kanaan yang di antaranya aku diam. 4 Tetapi engkau harus pergi ke negeriku dan kepada sanak saudaraku untuk mengambil seorang isteri bagi Ishak, anakku.

Be Specific About Your Future

In order to get to where you want to be, you need to describe exactly what you want. For instance, Abraham told Eliezer exactly what kind of wife he wanted for Isaac. He told him to go back to the land of his relatives instead of picking Isaac's wife from among the Canaanite women.

You will never reach a vague goal. The more general it is, the less power it has. But the more specific it is, the more power it has in your life.

Ask yourself these four questions: 1) What do I want to be? 2) What do I want to do? 3) What do I want to have? 4) Why do I want it?

You can't just know the what, you need to know the why - that's your motivation. If you don't know why, you will give up when it gets tough.

When Eliezer heard Abraham's goal, he started asking "What if?" If you listen to the what-ifs of your goal, you will fail because of worry and fear.

You don't need to focus on the how for now because, once you figure out the why, God will show you how. He will help you solve the problems that stand in the way of your goal.

(Rick Warren's Daily Devotional, Day 2)

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