Sunday, February 23, 2014


And he was called the friend of God.
JAMES 2 : 23

Many organizations today fail to tap into their potential. Why? Because the only reward they give their employees is a paycheck. The relationship between employer and employee never develops beyond that point. Successful organizations take a different approach. In exchange for the work a person gives, he receives not only his paycheck, but he is also nurtured by the people he works for. And nurturing has the ability to transform people’s lives.

I use the BEST” acronym as a reminder of what people need when they get started with my organization.

They need me to . . .
Believe in them
Encourage them
Share with them
Trust them

Nurturing benefits everyone. What people wouldn’t be more secure and motivated when their leader believes in them, encourages them, shares with them, and trusts them (BEST)? People are more productive when they are nurtured. Even more important, nurturing creates a strong emotional and professional foundation within workers who have leadership potential. Later, using training and development, a leader can be built on that foundation.

John Maxwell. Developing the Leaders Around You.

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